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    About Us

    We created ClickCart to provide a more efficient, reliable, and affordable grocery delivery solution.  The lack of options for cost and minimal customer involvement when packing orders was a key driving force in the creation of ClickCart.

    At ClickCart we focus and care for each customer's grocery needs and provide the best options to get the right products they need, at the time they need them.  ClickCart is a locally grown and operated business, and we care about our neighbors and treat each shopping trip as if we are shopping for our families or ourselves.  Our ClickCart shoppers strive to fulfill every order to the best of their ability because we as a company understand that our customers choose us to avoid hassle and have peace of mind that their orders are accurately and promptly taken care of. 

    At ClickCart, we pride ourselves on picking out the best possible products, from produce to fresh meat and snacks. Our shoppers spend the time to examine every order and make sure it meets our demanding standards. Because all of our customers trust us to deliver their essentials, when they need them, we stand behind this philosophy of ‘Customer First. Thank you for choosing ClickCart!