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    Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Contact Solution

    Weight: 2 x 480 ml
    Vendor: Costco
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    Clear Care® cleaning and disinfecting solution uses the bubbling power of hydrogen peroxide to give your lenses some much-needed TLC. Triple Cleaning Action makes lenses so fresh, they feel like new, but without preservatives. Make sure to read and follow the instructions as Clear Care® is not a multi-purpose disinfecting solution. Features and Benefits: For all soft contact lenses Cleaning and disinfecting solution Deep cleans, loosens dirt, and enhances protein removal Includes 2 special lens cases 2 x 480 mL + 90 mL travel size 3% hydrogen peroxide DIN 02245661 Warnings and Precautions: Keep out of reach of children Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients Do not squirt solution directly into your eyes or burning and stinging will result Do not use flat lens case because the solution only works with the special lens case provided with neutralizing disc Do not remove lenses from case for at least 6 hours. The solution needs time to neutralize Never rinse your contact lens with the solution before you put them in your eyes. If you want to rinse your lenses, use sterile saline If unneutralized solution gets in your eyes, it will cause burning and stinging. If this happens, remove your contact lens immediately and flush (wash) eyes with large amount of water or sterile saline Stop use and ask a doctor if burning or irritation continues Discard 3 months after opening Storage: Store between 15°C and 25°C