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    hydraSense Drops Advanced for Dry Eyes

    Weight: 3 x 10 ml
    Vendor: Costco
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    When your tears aren’t lubricating your eyes properly, you can experience sore, burning or stinging eyes. hydraSense Advanced Eye Drops is preservative free, naturally sourced and contains Provitamin B5. It provides effective, long-lasting relief for your dry and irritated symptoms while being gentle on the eye. The lubricant in hydraSense Eye Drops is sodium hyaluronate. It works by hydrating and moisturizing your eyes. It also helps to protect them from dryness by attracting and retaining moisture. It is clinically proven to stabilize the tear film to provide fast and long-lasting relief. Features and Benefits: Effectively attracts and retains hydration on the eyes and helps them stay moist Has the right consistency within the drops to stay on the eyes and increases the stability of tears Uses an innovative sterile delivery system with a built-in filter that allows the formulation to be preservative-free while keeping germs and bacteria out of the bottle Contain a clinically proven, naturally sourced lubricant: sodium hyaluronate Phosphate free Preservative free formulation, suitable for all eyes Can be used with contact lenses Dosage: Gently instill 1-2 drops into your eye(s), as needed Cautions or Warnings: You should discard your eye drop bottle 90 days after opening it Don’t use this product if you find the security ring on the cap is broken or missing See the product package insert for more information Storage: Store between 2°C and 25°C