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    Tide Power PODS Hygienic Clean Detergent

    Tide Power PODS laundry detergent capsules deliver supreme cleanliness for large loads. Washers are getting bigger and bigger, so they contain more clothes, which means more dirt. Tide power PODS have 50% more cleaning power than Tide Original liquid detergent to better remove soils in large loads. Tide Power PODs Heavy Duty 10X are designed for the impossible to remove stains - grease, oil, red wine, blood and cigarettes. Features: Designed for stains that cannot be removed: grease, oil, red wine 50% more cleaning power in a large load (vs. Tide Original Liquid Laundry Detergent) Fight stains, encrusted dirt, bad odours Dissolves completely Works in all washers, at all temperatures and in all water conditions 10x Heavy duty Removes visible and invisible dirt 68 pacs
    Vendor: Costco
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